Vincent Milligan for NOLA City Councilman District C

One thing I am not is a part of the Nola Political Machine. I’m not a politician at all. Just a concerned citizen who moved here 5 years ago from Baton Rouge. I moved here after the flood in 2016 looking for a better life. Well , I found it in many ways personally but looking around this city is very disappointing when I can see so many issues. Issues that at the foot of the issues is deep seeded corruption.

I do not follow the crowd , I walk my own path. I do not bend to pressure, nor am I a yes man to follow along with the influential men that try to lead New Orleans with their money. We have to wake up as the people of this city. We elect officials to work for us, we do not work for them. We do not elect officials to dictate to us , to reprimand, to lie to us , withhold information from us , or decide what is better for us without listening to our needs.

We expect the elected officials to hold our votes as a sacred trust and provide for us to the best of their abilities. They have failed us time and time again. That is why this city has the issues it does. The city officials only care about making the city government stronger, cutting out the people of New Orleans from having any say. It only cares about filling the coffers of the treasury at the citizens’ and tourists’ expense. The city council officials should be ashamed of themselves for what a shambles this city is.

Vincent Milligan

10 Points

These 10 points serve as the beginning base for my candidacy. Delving deeper I will tell you what more I have in mind after the runoff but I have big plans for our great City of New Orleans and I’m begging you , each and everyone one of you, to help me see them through. When I am elected I will take into account everyone’s opinion , whatever your opinions may be. I will not promise that I will agree with them all , but I will hear everyone. I will have monthly townhall meetings with the public to hear your ideas and concerns. I will stay as accessible as I can. City Councilman will be my only job in order to advocate for you as New Orleanians. I will not be a Councilman that you only see at photo ops and when it’s time for re-election Vote for me and these are my ten promises that I will work on hard for my district in my first term if I can get your help in City Hall.

Here they are:

  1. Plan of action to prevent high crime and stamp it out.
  2. Make a plan to rebuild the economy
  3. Plan to restore the Municipal Auditorium in Congo Square into a Cultural Museum and event venue.
  4. Plan to get rid of Algiers’ Bike lanes.
  5. Plan for Complete infrastructure to overhaul the roads
  6. Plan to overhaul the SW&B from billing to flooding
  7. Plan to restore Algiers drainage
  8. Plan to Raise the salaries of city workers and people of New Orleans.
  9. Plan to open Technical Schools , Vocational Academies , and City Technical training as part of the High school curriculum.
  10. Make a plan to help the mentally ill and addicts receive treatment and permanent housing

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